Party Like it's 2099!

Date and Time:
Thursday, August 29th, 2019, 3:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Located at Camp:


Volterra the sexy robot Cyborg is coming back to the Playa after a 2 year hiatus! The time away has given her a chance to spruce up her station. Stop by and see the metamorphosis for yourself! She serves a different type of booze out of each one of her fingers, so step up to program your drink of choice and Volterra will serve you a delicious beverage - all while looking sexy as hell.
Thursday afternoon the Barbots will host the party of next century! Leave your flying car at home and join us for a future utopian party to revel in our bright future! The party will be centered in our giant community dome with Volterra pouring drinks and a specialty house drink for the less adventurous. Music will be pumping with a guest DJ set by Barbot’s own Sergio. If everything goes as planned, we’ll even have LED necklaces that synchronize light patterns when we all come together. Guests can capture their day through our Time Travelling Photo Booth. Enter your email address (or physical address if you’re old school) and in 24 weeks we’ll send the photo to the address you provided. The games at 24 Hour PlayaGround will be open for business too, so everyone can play in their own way.
If you like a thrill, the Barbots will take the classic ‘dunk tank’ and metamorphosize it! Now, obviously we can't have a full tank of water on the playa, but since safety is always our third priority, we’ve arranged for our guests to plunge onto a massive pillow sewn from king size sheets stuffed with foam blocks. Note: Barbots camp members are well trained and will be present to supervise any and all use of The D(r)UNK Tank by guests.
Last but not least, we will have the Struggle Bus onsite to help with any struggles you may be experiencing on the Playa.

See you in the future!!