Electronic Repair Workshop

Dates and Times:
Monday, August 26th, 2019, 9:30 AM – 11 AM
Wednesday, August 28th, 2019, 9:30 AM – 11 AM
Thursday, August 29th, 2019, 9:30 AM – 11 AM
Friday, August 30th, 2019, 9:30 AM – 11 AM
Saturday, August 31st, 2019, 9:30 AM – 11 AM
Self Care
Located at Camp:
Time To Burn


Broken Blinkies? Dead EL? Fizzled LEDs? Swing by Gaylactic Invaders Village for help from Wizard. We'll fix your frayed wires, sooth your troubled batteries, and send you on your way. He's an early riser, so the workshop is held each morning, but if you swing by the Waggle Lounge Meadery at night, you may be able to get help then as well.