Burn Down My Dad's House

Date and Time:
Thursday, August 29th, 2019, 12 PM – 12 AM
Located at Camp:
My Dad's House


To honor the birth of our father-centric offering, we figured theres no better way to christen camp than to burn My Dad's House to the ground. We'll be bumping crispy jams for an all-day and night affair, serving margz and hot doggos as party favors, supplying a surplus of Lazy Bois to recline, while some late-night fire dancers dazzle our dance floor.

LOOKING FOR MORE FIRE -(We are looking for more fire spinners though so feel free to come by and add to the festivities if that is up your alley)

The lineup features a plethora of DJ's that love bologna sandwiches with tall, cool glasses of milk.

12-1pm ~ slow poop
1-2 ~ Mico Suave
2-3 ~ OneMohit
3-4 ~ Racketclub
4-6 ~ Mood Swing & Chevy Bass
6-7 ~ SQRL
7-8 ~ BVRLY
8-10 ~ Dadz Houz
10-12am ~ Kyra w/ ***fire dancers***
12-2 ~ Nasser

After the affair, we're going to help the OG Dads at Desperados get out to the trash fence for the 6th Annual Sausage Fest, so plan for a marathon :]

Please do c'mon by My Dad's House for the shenanigans, we'll shave your back for ya.