Collaborative Community Cacao Ceremony

Date and Time:
Thursday, August 29th, 2019, 9 AM – 2 PM
Located at Camp:
Organic Fruit & Veggie Camp


Join us at our organic fruit and veggie camp on Thursday morning as we gather in community to drink the sacred ancient heart-opening Mayan medicine and superfood known as cacao. We will begin with a ritual component guided by the influences of European Shamanism, connecting mindfully to the earth elements and our human senses. Then, with the theme of metamorphosis and the energy of the August 30th new moon in mind, you will be guided through exercises that will help you tap into your deep instinctual self as well as facilitate connection with all the other souls in attendance. Together we will co-create a unique and delightfully dusty desert ceremony.
Ceremony prep advice 👇

A few recommendations to maximize your experience (these are not rules just guidelines to optimize the effects of cacao):
• refrain from consumption of alcohol and caffeine 24 hours prior to ceremony
• opt for easily digestible vegetarian fare 24 hours before and after ceremony
• consider fasting (skipping breakfast) prior to drinking cacao
• drink plenty of water 24 hours before and after drinking cacao
• dress in comfortable white or light colored garments (try to avoid black)
• bring any sacred items you would like to share, place on the altar, or connect with and musical instruments are more than welcome