The Temple — Convertere [clothing optional]

Date and Time:
Monday, August 29th, 2016, 2:30 PM – 3 PM
Located at Camp:
Naked Heart


<< The Temple >>

We are each a temple [literally "place cut off," from stem of “tem” — to cut]. Inside each temple are housed experiences that are the basis of how we comprehend ourselves. The temple that we are is an adventure. In that adventure we are swimming through contradictions, polarity, wonder, desires, embarrassments; our emotions, feelings, curiosities, wounds, traumas.

In the temple, what develops is the movement of the psyche. Maibel and Anthony serve as psychopomp guides through the temple with different exercises, taking participants on a trip that expands comprehension of their human complexity, our connection to each other, the need to explore the conversations that we never had.
<< The Temple — Convertere >>

You’ll engage in play that explores the unsaid. Go to where you can’t go alone. Reveal. Listen. Question. Vent. Return to yourself through each other. Convertere means converter, deriving from “turn around, transform, come-together, to turn, to return.” C/O*
<< Your psychopomps >>

Maibel was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and while residing in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she developed an acting process through the use of group research and play creation experience. She’s a permanent member of the Unknown Theater Group in Buenos Aires, which for 40 years has been a proponent of the Unknown Experience art form.

Anthony organizes naturist and intimacy-building events in NYC and South Florida. His mentors include Christina Berkley, Guy Sengstock, John Thompson, Sean Wilkinson, Sara Ness, Amy Silverman, Jordan Myska Allen, Gina Brezini, and Nicole Daedone.

We moderate a Facebook group called The Temple exploring the unknown, the unheard, the unsaid — and union. And another called Colony where we encourage conscious, smart, and progressive social nudism and sexuality.

*Clothing optional. Nudity is not a requirement.