Tribal Tantra w/Eugene Hedlund @ RhythmWave

Date and Time:
Thursday, September 1st, 2016, 2 PM – 3:30 PM
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We will warm up with Movement Meditation to arrive in our bodies and listen to the wisdom within. As we dance, we will awaken the elemental spirits within our physical bodies as we invite that sacred tremor which frees our hearts to love to move us so that we may release that which has held us back and shed any limiting beliefs so that we may invite new gifts and possibilities into the empty space within. By embodying this ritual, we attune our body to tend toward our highest good while making space to step with clarity into what is next. Then we will offer the healing practice of Medicine Dance to melt some of the walls to giving and receiving that love within. From that place, we will dance in the cultivated energy of the tribe - a full wave to ground all the gifts, shake loose any layers ready to release and make even more space to be empowered to our birth right to love and be loved, starting with the Self.