Turn Playa Dust Into Jewelry

Dates and Times:
Monday, August 27th, 2018, 12 PM – 2 PM
Tuesday, August 28th, 2018, 12 PM – 2 PM
Wednesday, August 29th, 2018, 12 PM – 2 PM
Thursday, August 30th, 2018, 12 PM – 2 PM
Located at Camp:
Playa Glass
Playa Glass
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At Playa Glass, we'll teach you how to turn that pesky playa dust into homemade trinkets. With simple magnifying lenses, you'll harness the noonday sun to melt the dust into globules of glass. Then move on to our jewelry-making station, where you can create glorious momentos to your up-close and personal relationship with the dust. (Note: delay your arrival if the sky is hopelessly cloudy, or come back another day.)