Living Nomadic: Why And How

Date and Time:
Thursday, September 1st, 2011, 1 PM – 2 PM
Camp Nomadia


Why wait until retirement to explore the world? Give in to your wanderlust - come learn how! Experienced Camp Nomadians of all stripes will be sharing their stories, offering up practical advice and insights to help others make the leap to a life without a fixed home base. This workshop will focus on practical tips on how to leave a fixed-place existence behind and explore a life of nomadism. Topics covered will include connectivity, constructing your ideal mobile home (wheels, sails, backpacks, or...), and legal issues such as domicile, voting, vehicle registration, and taxes. Immediately after the Living Nomadic Workshop there will be a Nomadic Happy Hour, so plan to hang around to mix and mingle with a bunch of other current and future nomads. Camp Nomadia is intentionally unplaced this (our fourth) year, so check for our on-playa location at Playa Info and come find us - probably around 6 & H.